Privacy & Security

Security Policy

We use the best available security tools to ensure the safety of your data at every stage. All your files and data are stored on our servers and backed-up to ensure proper data governance and safety using cutting-edge technologies. We use 256 bit Public/ Private Key encryption for all data transfers plus we password-protect all your documents. Our security staff is second to none with automatic notifications if there is a breach in our internet security with 24-hour, 365-days per year monitoring to ensure the integrity of all our servers.

Privacy Policy

We strictly adheres to a professional code of ethics that is way ahead of other companies. We have instituted internal processes and procedures that ensure confidentiality of your documents, research, and/or ideas.

All our staff sign legally binding and internationally enforceable non-disclosure agreement.

We also ensure all your personal and document data are never shared beyond project assigned staff members. Unlike other editing companies, we do not outsource our project management. This allows us to completely guarantee confidentiality and security for all your data and documents at every stage. We do this because your privacy, data, and document integrity is integral in maintaining trust and ensuring quality delivery.

Your information, data, and documents is maintained securely in line with or exceeding IT industry standards on our secure servers.

We only collect information to clarify your document(s) and to offer you necessary services.

We never provide or share your information with third party sources.

We only send emails, newsletters, and writing bulletins if you opt-in for these services and you can be removed from these lists at any time.