Welcome to Academic Editing USA editing certificate verification page.

On the off chance that you are an agent from a journal or distributer who got an endorsement from a creator as a feature of an accommodation, click here to confirm confirmation code.

What is AEUSA certificate program?

Academic Editing USA will give a testament that affirms your paper was altered by one of our local English speaker editors and is trusted that it is prepared for journal accommodation. This depends on the suspicion that the significant changes should have been done were consolidate into the original copy. The testament will allow journal supervisor to feel positive that the English dialect in your paper has been edit and confirmed well. The declaration is allowed for reports in which the dialect quality is prepared for distribution.

What will this certificate do for me?

This authentication advises all diaries that your original copy’s utilization of the English dialect is up to the required guidelines. This infers your paper will as of now be one stage closer to peer review and at last, publication.

While presenting your original copy to a journal, incorporate this declaration as evidence that the dialect in your paper is prepared for distribution.

NOTE: Academic Editing USA clearly can’t assume liability for any piece of your original copy we didn’t alter; any progressions you make to your composition in the wake of accepting the last form from Academic Editing USA are not secured by the declaration. In this manner, the endorsement will have a check code and site join for the journal editors to confirm that the authentication is interesting and is being utilized for the report Academic Editing USA altered.

Do I have to ask for a declaration or do anything exceptional to have my record assessed for the testament?

When you make your accommodation, you will be requested the title of your paper and the creators’ names to be incorporated on the endorsement. This free assessment of your paper for authentication qualification will be a part of the superb dialect altering benefit that we give.

How do I utilize this certificate?

Simply present this endorsement as one of your records in the journal accommodation process.